Al Haj Mohammed Jalaluddin,Ph.D
World Renowned Currency Technologist & Forgery & Counterfeiting Prevention Technology Specialist.

Al Haj Mohammed Jalaluddin, PhD.

International Institute of Currency Technology (IICT)

  • World Renowned Currency Technologist .
  • Forgery & Counterfeiting Prevention Technology Specialist .
  • President, World Currency Affairs Organization(WCAO) .
  • Member of the ICCOS .
  • Highly Experienced on Cash Circulation Technology .
  • Banknote Printing Technology Specialist .
  • Writer of “Know Your Currency” .
  • Member, International Association of Currency Affairs (IACA) .
  • Former Honorary Consul General of SPAIN to Bangladesh .



About Jalaluddin

AI-Haj Mohammad Jalal Uddin was born on January 04, 1959 in a respectable Muslim family at P.S. Matlab in the District of Chandpur. He obtained MBA on Marketing and Ph.D on Currency Technology. Besides this, he had undergone different Technical Trainings in the USA, UK, Germany, Spain, Japan,  Malaysia, Indonesia, Australia, Austria, Canada, France, Belgium, Portugal, Netherlands & Switzerland  especially on  Security Printing Technology, Coin Minting Technology, Currency Printing Technology, Forgery & Counterfeit prevention Technology, Cash in Transit, Cash Circulation, Cash Handling, Volt operation & Management and Swift & safe transaction Technology. He was also trained on Government Revenue Harvesting & Generating Technology.
He started his business through setting up of an organization specially oriented for Security Printing related business i.e. Security Printing, Minting and Anti Counterfeiting Technology of valuable documents like Banknote, Bank Cheque, Passport, Bond, Debenture, Share Certificate, Education Certificate  and product authentication & cash handling etc.
By virtue of his hard labour and merit he achieved a remarkable position in the field of international business. He earned name and fame both home and abroad as a dedicated businessman in the field of Security Printing, Minting, Currency Technology, Forgery & Counterfeiting Prevention Technology. He has a good command on Banknote printing Industries like Banknote Substrate, design, Origination, Overt, Covert & Forensic Security features, Ink, Varnishing, Plate making,  Printing, Binding, Finishing technology of the Banknote. He is a member of the IACA, ICCOS, WCAO & GCAPO. He is the founder chairman of the International Institute of Currency Technology (IICT) which is the first & only Institute in the world in the field of Currency Technology. A book consists of 650 pages name  “Know your Currency” is under publication from the UK. It will be the first publication on currency technology in the world. His main object is how to protect the Banknote from forgery. He is working round the world with a slogan that  “Protect your currency from forgery”. He is closely working with world famous companies in this field for more than a decade like  SICPA, ARJOWEGINS, KBA NOTASYS, BLUMER, GLORY, HOLGRAMM INDUTRIES, OPSEC & FINDLAND MINT and many others. He actively participated in many international Currency Conferences, Banknote Conferences, Intergraph, High Security Printing conference held in different parts of the world like, USA, UK, Germany, Italy, France, Austria, Bulgaria, Russia, Turkey, UAE, Oman, Saudi Arab, Japan, Kenya, South Africa, Malaysia, Indonesia, Thailand, Singapore, Netherlands, Spain, Canada, Morocco, Brazil, Peru, Bolivia, Mexico, Belgium, Malta, India, China, Hong kong. Taiwan, Philippines.           

He became well known to almost all elites of the country. He served Spain as their Honorary CONSUL to Bangladesh from 1996 to June 2008 very successfully. He completed his tenure through establishment of full-fledged Spain Embassy in Bangladesh.

He is very dear to the common people of the locality for his submissive behavior and generous contribution towards religion, education and poor community.

Country visited

He traveled more than 50 countries in the world in connection with business, conference, seminar, exhibition which include USA, UK, Austria, Australia, Belgium, Canada, China, Denmark, Egypt, France, Germany, Japan, Russia, Spain, Sweden, Saudi Arabia, Kuwait, Iran, Iraq, Jordan, Sudan, Libya, Algeria, Thailand, Malaysia, Indonesia, India, New-Zealand, Vietnam, Slovenia, Croatia, Romania, Bulgaria, Hungary, Finland, Mexico, Panama, Venezuela, Netherlands, South Korea, Papua New Guinea, Taiwan, Philippines, Hong Kong, Singapore, Yemen, South Africa, Switzerland, Morocco, Qatar, Arab Emirate, Malta, Nigeria,  etc.

Social  Contribution

3000 poor families from Matlab were financed by him for their self-dependence through distribution of Rickswa, Push Cart, Van, Sewing Machine, Cattle, cash and Wheel Chairs for the disabled people.

From the beginning of his earning, he started donating to the poor peoples.

Besides these, he involved himself in various social welfare activities within his constituency resulting development of various  aspects in the society that have brought him in very closer to the mass people. Almost all Private schools, Colleges, Masjid, Madrsah, Eatim Khana of Matlab Thana are substantially being financed by him regularly.


Interviews and statements on different issues are massively covered through newspaper, journals, periodicals and radio & television on the currency protection technology.

Al Hajj Mohammad Jalaluddin, PhD

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Global Currency Protection Technology:

  •  Protection of Banknotes from Forgery & Counterfeiting.
  • Global training to the Bankers on Currency Technology.
  • Global Currency Diagnosis Laboratory.
  • Fake Note Detection Cum Money Exchange Centre.
  • Global Seminar & Conference on Fake Note Detection & Prevention.
  • Safe & Secured Currency Printing Technology.
  • Public Awareness program on own & international Currency.
  • Higher study on Currency Technology ( Institutional Knowledge)
  • Swift & Safe Cash Circulation Technology.
  • Know your currency & Fake note at a glance.
  • Pre-shipment inspection of Banknotes.

Training to the Bankers on Currency Technology.


Banking Community in the world are spending millions of Dollars to invent newer and effective preventive measures to protect banknotes from forgery and counterfeiting. But desired output is not forth coming. It is quite an unhappy and disappointing matter. The issue has been discussed in different forums worldwide specially in the international currency conferences. Through discussion it is realized that unless the officials of banks and other money handling agencies are duly aware/trained about the characteristics of the banknotes all preventive measures are sure to go in vain. So now it is badly felt that it is essential to impart proper training to bankers specially the cash handling officials of the banks and other money handling agencies.

Subject Materials of the Training:

The principal objective of the training to be imparted to bankers must be to make them fully aware about the details of security features, printing technology and other aspects of currency technology so that they can easily identify instantly and segregate the fake notes. For this purpose their training course should contain the following subjects:

  1. Anatomic dissection of banknotes
  2. What is substrate
  3. Classification of substrate
  4. characteristics of substrate
  5. Security features of banknotes
  6. Printing process of banknotes
  7. characteristics & classification of ink
  8. Design and origination work of banknotes
  9. Durability of banknotes
  10. What is fake note
  11. What is counterfeit note
  12. What is super note
  13. Bank note circulation
  14. Preventive/Anti-counterfeiting measures
  15. Genuine note versus fake notes
  16. Fake note versus super note
  17. Clean Note Policy
  18. Hygienic aspect of the banknotes
  19. Fake note detection mechanism
  20. Cash Center
  21. CIT Process
  22. Public Awareness
  23. Currency Diagnosis center
  24. Fake note detection center
  25. Punishment for the Counterfeiters.

Who should Undergo the Training Course?

  • Central bank officials.
  •  Commercial bank officials.
  • Cash operating staff of banks and financial institutes.
  • Money handling equipment suppliers.
  • Cash management companies.
  • Law enforcing agencies.
  • Embassy and High commissions.
  • Would be bankers.  
  • Banknote Users (Student, Merchant, Members public)

Benefits from the Training:

  • Be able to know Own & International Currency.
  • Know how to detect the Fake Notes (Local& Foreign) instantly with necked eye.
  • Know how to authenticate real note.
  • Know ``security features`` of Banknote. 
  • Have opportunity to know about latest Currency Technology.
  • Enrich knowledge about their Banknote. 
  • Avoid being harassed with fake note & counterfeit note.
  • Increase the professional competency of the Banker &Currency Handling Persons.
  • Interact with technologist, bankers, users & experts

Actually benefit from training for the bankers in particular and the banking sector as a whole cannot be evaluated quantitatively or numerically. For safe and secured cash transaction a considerably huge amount is being spent worldwide, newer and latest security features are being incorporated in the bank notes and other possible measures are being taken day after days. But now it appears that for free, sound, secured and healthy banking activities the bankers must be duly conversant about banknotes and only by this way all other measures can be made successful. So, benefit of training to bankers is undoubtedly beyond all sorts of evaluation.

Higher study on Currency Technology (Institutional Knowledge)

Scope of Higher Study

At present there is no educational institute in the entire world to make the bankers particularly the cash handling personnel duly conversant with the different aspects of currency technology. But now it is strongly felt that the bankers particularly the cash handling personnel should necessarily have the minimum knowledge on currency technology.

Keeping the aforementioned necessity in view the “International Institute of Currency Technology” (IICT) has been established in Bangladesh at the initiative of some experienced, expert and resourceful persons. The chief executive officer of the IICT is Executive Director and he is a former General Manager of Bangladesh Bank having experience of working as the chief of Currency Management Department. Other associates are also highly experienced in this field.

IICT initially offers along with the provision for on-line study four types of course

1. Foundation Course.

2. Certificate Course.

3. Diploma Course and

4. Graduate Course.

Regulation from Central Bank encouraging the training:

Now what is mostly needed is that the commercial bank authorities as well as the bank employees have to be motivated to undergo such training course. Because at the preliminary stage the bank employees are not likely to be interested to undergo any professional training course other than the traditional courses. So at this stage they have to be motivated by encouragement. We think this may be done by the provision of progress in the career from this training. So, Central Banks may take the initiative to issue directives to the commercial banks to introduce special incentive in their promotion and recruitment policy so that the existing bank employees and the would be bankers are encouraged to undergo any of the courses as deemed appropriate for the each individual.      


Global Currency Diagnosis Laboratory.

Reason to establish

It is known to all that a good number of fake notes are in circulation in almost all the countries. Along with the local county of higher denominations there is huge foreign currency in circulation in each country. A section of foreigners in collaboration with some anti-social elements have been involved in the process of fake note manufacture, marketing and trafficking. Often news of some such miscreants is reported in Newspapers, but most of them remain un-detected. It may be mentioned that Central Bank is the custodian and legal authority of all the banknotes in circulation in the country. Only they have the authority to certify a note as fake or genuine. But due to lack of necessary facilities, laboratories, equipments and above all experts to render this kind of service properly, the central bank cannot discharge this function properly So, the counterfeiters often escape from due punishment. As a result, the counterfeiters do not hesitate to commit the same crime again. So, to overcome such situation on permanent basis now it is time to consider establishment of Currency Diagnosis Laboratory.

Benefits to get from Currency Diagnosis Laboratory:

Establishment of Currency Diagnosis Laboratory will give the following benefits:

  1. Ascertain whether all the approved security features are incorporated in the bank notes before circulation.
  2. Help identify the fake notes and withdraw them from circulation.
  3. Maintain statistics of seized fake note along with location & time.
  4. Find out the nature /characteristics of fake note.
  5. Help to find out the source of fake note.
  6. Find out the technology used by the counterfeiters.
  7. Analyze the characteristics of fake notes.
  8. Diagnosis the particular features being compromised.
  9. Ensure that no fake note is re-circulated through any bank.
  10. Help to identify the fake notes & prevent it from circulation
  11.  Maintain a statistics of seized fake note in respect of location & period.
  12.  Find out the technology being used by the counterfeiters.
  13.  To analyze the fake notes of various characteristics.
  14.  Being able to diagnose  the particular feature being compromised
  15.  To ensure that no fake notes is re circulated by any banks
  16.  Help law enforcing agencies by providing legal documentary evidence of fake notes, so that the counterfeiters can be punished as per law.
  17.  Determine preventive measures against fake & counterfeit notes for elimination of forged note from circulation.
  18.  Develop the expertise in the field of currency technology.
  19.  Ensure legal action against counterfeiter by providing cognizable evidence for quick disposal of cases.
  20.  Through diagnosis the center will certify a note as fake note, counterfeit note,      super note or a genuine note.
  21.  Bank checks verification & Authentication.
  22.  Authenticate the signature of the check.
  23.  Find out the overwriting, erasing & any forgery.

Allied factors:

Actually due to weak performance of the law enforcing agencies in Bangladesh the counterfeiters commit the same crime again and again. So, counterfeiting cannot be prevented to the maximum extent. But establishment of Currency Diagnosis Centre will help to drive maximum benefit. Each offices of the central bank and each of the regional offices of the commercial banks should have at least one such laboratory.

Fake Note Detection Centre Cum Money Exchange:


It is known to all that a good number of fake notes are now in circulation in Bangladesh. Along with the Bangladeshi notes of higher denomination there are huge fake US Dollar, Euro, Indian Rupee and foreign currency in circulation in Bangladesh. As a result people are suffering and economy of the country is facing adversity. It may be recalled that to protect the common people in the religious festivals in 2012 & 2013, when transaction takes place in huge scale, as per instructions of the central bank of Bangladesh many of the commercial banks set up booths in different commercial venues to detect fake notes. This initiative was proved highly effective. But it was a temporary arrangement. In consideration of prevailing circumstances in the country establishment of Fake Note Detection Centre of permanent nature at different commercially important places across the country is felt badly necessary. This initiative will obviously be highly effective for control & reduction of both local and foreign currency.


  1. Foreign currency users will feel secured in exchange of money.
  2. Easy access of the public to detect their currency at suitable centers.
  3. Enable the people to detect local & International fake Currency Notes.
  4. Ability to sort  & segregate the  Soiled note, Torn note, Hole note, Tape  note, Corner missing  note ,  Folded  note,  Mutilated note, Fit & Unfit note.
  5. Safe & secured transaction is ensured.
  6. Help to avoid the harassment for holding the fake note & counterfeit note.
  7. Enrich the knowledge about Genuine Banknote or currency note.
  8. Authenticate the real note.
  9. Increase the professional competency of the Currency Handling Persons. 
  10. Opportunity to know about Security features of the respective currency.
  11. Counterfeiter will be afraid of their counterfeiting activities.
  12.  Make able to know the nature of local & international fake currency.
  13. Help to find out the technology being used by the counterfeiter.Gives ability to know the particular feature being compromised in Local & international Currency.
  14. Make able to certify a note as fake, counterfeit,  genuine or super note
  15. Certificate issued about the status of the notes can be used for legal     action.
  16. Identified data can be used for preventive measures.
  17. Fake note circulation will be reduced automatically.
  18. Awareness will be increased among the Bank note users.
  19. It will help to control the data of the Foreign Currency.
  20. It will help to control the Foreign Currency laundering.


Public Awareness about their own Currency:

What is awareness:

In broader sense awareness means to remain alert whether among any material, substance or commodity there is existence of any irregular, unwanted, harmful substance / material or any other product manufactured with malafide intention. Particularly in case of currency notes, public awareness means the alertness and capability of the common people to detect fake notes from the notes in circulation. Seminar and conference is organized by any international body, government or NGO with the aim to make the people capable to detect fake note instantly.

Necessity of Awareness:

It is known to everyone of the banking world that all the central banks of the world have been continuously fighting against fraud, forgery & counterfeiting of bank notes. The central banks are seeking for more effective means to get rid of the hazard. All the countries around the world are taking different steps for prevention of fake notes. They are modernizing their bank notes by incorporating hi-tech security features. But desired output is not being achieved to the full extent. So, now it is felt that to reap the benefits of these efforts one of the effective means is, if the capability of the Bank note users to detect fake notes with the help of public security features can be increased, circulation of fake notes will come down to the barest minimum level. The best way of increasing capability of the common people is supposed to be organizing Public Awareness Seminar.


Benefit from Public Awareness Program against Fake note:

Detection & Prevention:

  • Able to know own & international currency.
  • Know how to detect the fake notes instantly with necked eye (Bangladeshi & Foreign currency).
  • How to authenticate real note.
  • Able to know about security features of Banknote.
  • Opportunity to know about latest Currency Technology.
  • Enrich knowledge about own banknote.
  • Avoid being harassed with fake note & counterfeit note.
  • Increase the professional competency of the banker & Currency Handling persons.
  • Interaction with Technologist, Bankers, Users & Experts.
  • Counterfeiter will be frightened.
  • Able to know the nature of fake note.
  •  Confidence will grow among the Bankers.
  • Currency user will feel safe & secured in money transaction and exchange, due to safe &swift cash transaction the bank will be more benefited.
  • Able to know what features are being compromised.
  • Able to know the counterfeiter’s tools & technique.
  • Fake note circulation will get reduced ultimately.
  • Due to awareness about the fake note activities of the transaction of Bank counter will increase automatically.
  • Identified data can be used for the preventive measure by the concern authority.
  • It will help to prepare the data regarding fake note and control the bank note laundering.
  • Due to awareness of notes public will be able to express their opinion to the concerned authority.
  • On the basis of the opinion of user’s Concern Authority take appropriate measure.
  • The investment for incorporation of the security features in the currency will be fruitful.


Incorporation of the High Tech Proven Security Features:

Security features are actually the guarantee of the genuineness of banknotes. Security features make the banknotes unique. But mere incorporation of some security features in the banknote does not ensure genuineness and uniqueness. Incorporation of lower quality security features make the counterfeiters able to manufacture fake notes resulting in the total failure of the very purpose. So the security features must be high tech proven features of global standard, so that it becomes almost impossible for the counterfeiters to imitate. The security features are mainly of 3 (three) kinds: Overt, Covert and Forensic security features. The Overt (public) security features play the most vital role for the common users to identify genuine notes.  Through naked eyes or touching, it can be easily identified whether the notes are real or fake. Without using any device or instrument this security feature can be recognized. The mass people mostly depend on this overt security features. So the public (Overt) security features must be proven, easily & distinctly visible and eye-catching. Each of the overt security features should be a product of single source and patented.

The Covert security features are mainly for bank tellers, cash handlers, super marketers etc. This type of security features cannot be seen through naked eye or by feeling. Through some small device or instruments like magnifying glass, ultra violet light, it can be seen to identify the genuine notes. Therefore, Covert security features is a very important feature to keep the notes free from forgery.

The Forensic security feature is designed for the laboratory analysis purpose. Mainly the laboratories of note printing industries and the research institutions handle the forensic security features.  


Swift & Safe Cash Circulation Technology:

Necessity of the cash center:

In the world Cash management mechanism is rapidly changing. A far more secured and risk aversive cash management is the key point of management attention. Now establishment of cash center in the central banks as well as the commercial banks is the mostly followed process all over the world.

Benefits of the Cash Centers are as Follows:

Fake note detection & control:

Cash center is the best avenue to control the counterfeit notes in circulation. Actually fake notes are initially circulated among the common people. In one stage such notes come to the bank. When the notes are segregated at cash centers the fake notes are easily identified and ultimately destroyed. In this process the source of fake notes can be ascertained and accordingly necessary preventive measures can be taken. In this way Cash center detects, prevents & controls the fake notes.

Clean note policy:

Cash center ensures implementation of clean note policy. Many kinds of unfit notes including fake notes exist in circulation. Cash centers play vital role by means of 100% accurate sorting, counting, banding & packing as per procedure. In a word cash center 100% accurately segregates the fit notes for re-issue and unfit and fake notes for destruction. Thus the cash center creates a sound management in circulation of notes.

Stock management:

Cash center always gives a clear & accurate picture of cash & other stock position across the vaults of the central bank as well as the commercial banks all over the country. So, the concerned management can take necessary measures well in time to proactively manage the supply chain.

Swift & safe transaction:

The front –end of the supply chain is the front-end location like ATMs; cash deposit terminals and bank branches. These locations need a dynamic service based upon the outflow or inflow of cash at the respective site. Cash Center proactively manages the front-end locations and issue proper orders for cash services to the service provider. On the other hand backend performs an efficient service relating to cash centers within time constraints and against acceptable cost.

In respect of safety Cash Center provides most cost effective and high quality security for all sorts of transportation, stock position, cash balance conformity, cash transfer, access control etc.

Standardization of the quality of bank notes:

Cash Center plays a vital role by means of 100% accurate sorting, banding and packing as per the procedure prescribed by the respective banks as per instructions of the central bank regarding the minimum standard of the note to be considered as fit note. In a world Cash Center 100% accurately segregates the fit notes for re-issue and unfit notes for destruction. In this way a minimum acceptable standard of the re-issuable notes is maintained.  

Uniformity of the Authentication Equipment:

Cash management mechanism is now a days changing rapidly. Instead of counting and sorting notes by hands, the same is now being done by machines. It has been gathered that the machines being used in the cash departments of some central banks and the commercial banks are not of uniform specifications. As a result, quality of sorting differs from bank to bank. While some of the machines can detect forged notes and segregate soiled, mutilated, paste notes etc. the other varieties cannot equally do that. This is not a satisfactory state of affairs.

In many countries of the world, technical specifications of the note handling machines are prescribed by their central banks. Since the security features of the notes are prescribed by the central banks, they clearly know what technical qualities the machines must have in order to recognize those particular security features. We therefore, opine that the central banks should advise all the concerned agencies to introduce similar machines with same sorting capabilities in their respective organizations. Result would be that the discrepancy in respect of sorting and segregation of notes from bank to bank will come down to the barest minimum and cash management will be more effective. In order to ensure the implementation of their directives, the central banks would monitor performances of the agencies concerned by periodical inspections.

Proper Design of the Notes:

Appropriate and effective existence of the security features in the banknote fully depends on the design. The security features should get due space in the note. The color of the features should contrast with the back ground color to ensure its visibility and distinctness. The features should be accommodated in the bank note so that one cannot overlap the other.OVI, dual image security thread, intaglio print etc are the proven high tech security features and the benefit of these features can be achieved only if they are incorporated in the banknotes with appropriate space, place and color contrast. Particularly for ‘Watermark’ there should be a specific area in the note and the background of that area should be white. So size and design of the notes should be formulated keeping in view these factors.   


Pre-shipment Inspection:

Pre-shipment inspection plays a very important role for prevention of fake notes. Banknotes contain a good number of security features for safety. But mere incorporation of security features does not serve the purpose; the features have to be incorporated, accommodated and printed in the banknotes in the most perfect form. If the security features are not perfectly inserted in the banknotes then it will be easy for the counterfeiters to imitate and ultimately the highly expensive initiative to ensure safety of banknotes will be totally frustrated. So, to prevent this undesired situation pre-shipment inspection is a must. Before shipment it has to be thoroughly verified and checked whether the security features have been inserted in the banknotes in the most perfect form and other allied security measures have been taken duly.